Avid Events can support events with fully implemented event marketing and communications plans using our experienced team. We can also work closely with clients’ in-house teams or agencies to provide key messages and content for marketing and communications.  Underlying all your event marketing will be a carefully devised strategy and plan designed to meet your organisational event goals.

Avid Event’s marketing and communications approach can also include professional public relations services to achieve earned media for your event.

Event Branding

Ensuring that you have a legible event branding strategy in place is the foundation of your event marketing. Avid Events can work with our clients to develop a unique event brand for individual events or for event programs. The brand will be consistently applied through all marketing to support the event.

Event websites

If your event requires an interactive, mobile ready website for event marketing, Avid Events can take care of this for you. E-newsletters and event blogs are also available to build momentum in your event marketing and communications.

Event Collateral

Event programs, signage, posters and marketing postcards can all be effective tools for event marketing and communications. Avid Events can manage the professional graphic design of all your event collateral, and even organise distribution channels.

Social Media

Social media is and increasingly important part of event marketing and communications strategies. Avid Events can provide comprehensive social media planning and implementation to support your event.

Media Centres

Large events often require media liaison and management.  Reporting media for large sporting or cultural events may require media centres and support.  Avid Events can establish a media centre and media management for any scale of event to support great media outcomes.

Promotional giveaways and merchandise

Some events may require giveaways to assist in branding, or event merchandise as a revenue source. Avid Events can source high quality and cost effective event promotional giveaways or branded sale merchandise as required for your event.

Outdoor advertising and signage

Outdoor or onsite signage including banners is a very important way to promote events to local patrons and reinforce event branding. Avid Events will oversee design, production and installation of your outdoor advertising and event signage, including on event way-finding.  We can also take care of bookings for banner sites and billboards.

Photography and videography

Event photography and videography don’t just give you a great record of your successful event, they are also essential tools in future event marketing and sponsor or partner reporting.  Avid is able to develop briefs and commission professional photographers and videographers to create a fantastic resource, visual report and marketing tool for future events.

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