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Avid Events provides clients including government and community organisations and private sector businesses with comprehensive event strategy development and consultancy services.

We start with the question – how do events contribute to your business or organisational goals?

For example, as part of our event strategy services, we’d start by looking at whether your current events are working to achieve your goals and how they could be improved. A review of your event sites or spaces can also be covered within your audit, with Avid Events providing advice on events that would suit your existing sites.


Our event consultancy can include a number of stages:

Scoping and defining goals

We investigate what you are hoping to achieve through events and give you a realistic overview of potential outcomes, measured against your goals.

Event and calendar audit

Avid Events can audit any current events or event program calendars and develop comprehensive reports on potential development or changes to achieve destination development, strategic or revenue goals.

Resource assessment

Avid Events will advise on the resources that an events program will require, and discuss whether your organisation has the internal capacity to manage an events program or whether this would be better outsourced.

Risk assessment

What are the pros and cons of staging events? Are there any inherent risks in your sites or the style of events proposed to meet your organisational goals.

Strategy development

Avid Events offers event strategy development services for clients who are considering events as part of their visitor attraction, place making or destination promotion goals.  We provide advice on whether current or future events can deliver on your marketing and organisational objectives.

Program and calendar development

Avid Events’ strategic planning services include developing event programs and calendars, from single to multi-year, to provide a basis for resource and budget planning within organisations.

Alignment with organisational goals

Events require a significant investment of budget and resources. Avid Marketing and Events’ strategic planning service ensures that event programs are developed strictly in line with organisational goals. Key Performance Indicators and other measurement metrics are used to measure how your events deliver.

Partner and stakeholder engagement

Local councils, funding bodies, residents and communities, and local business may all be stakeholders in event programs. Avid Events can provide advice on how to manage or involve these parties in event planning to create positive outcomes and minimise disruption.

Budget Management and Revenue Targets

Avid Events pride ourselves on delivering events on budget and meeting revenue targets. This will include advising clients in early planning stages realistic budgets for events and event programs.

Program and calendar implementation

Avid Events can work with clients to ensure strategic planning of event programs and calendars translates into practical event production and management. We implement the plans to translate your vision to reality.

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